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  1. I'm having trouble getting BTSync to run in my fresh Arch Linux installation. The only problems which I am getting are with UPnP but when I turn it off, no error is reported. I have one Raspberry Pi on the local network that gets discovered in Windows and I don't know how to tell what devices have been found in Linux. I do all my configuration without WebUI. All folder paths are relative to my home directory (BTSync doesn't like tildes) which is where I launch it. All the .SyncArchive, .SyncID, .SyncIgnore flies are being created in their corresponding folders. Below is my config file.
  2. You should have the same configuration files between all members in your sync network. Once you have the same secrets saved away in config of the current system, BTSync automatically finds other members in that network and files should automatically start transferring. The way I have my Linux servers set up is I put my config file inside a synced directory. That way all my synced folders are updated automatically. When adding a new server, all you would have to do is install BTSync and then copy over the initial config file. After that, any changes to your configuration will be automatic