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  1. moving files: Right now moving a directory of files within the synchronized folder leads to a complete upload of the moved files once again to all other peers. It would smarter to simply let all other peers know that the file x has moved to the new location y (instead of a message delete and upload again). Idea: check on a peer which loads a file whether exactely the same file is in the archive (was delete before). The check can be easily done via file hash. If the file was just deleted than simply restore it at the new location. This would avoid to add a new command to the protocol and would allow a smart "move" without uploading a moved file again. Best Numa
  2. Dear Bittorrent guys: where does your Web UI stores its folder configurations'? what are the default settings for a folder? Regards Numa
  3. Hi, I've just installed the most recent bittorrent sync server version (using the ubuntu package btsync). A default config file was created in /etc/btsync. The web UI is running and started via upstart as root process. The --config parameter of the btsync process is directing to the /etc/btsync config file. However, none of the setting changes, applied in the web UI, are reflected in the /etc/btsync config file. Where is the web UI storing all the config data e.g. keys, shared folders, advanced settings like disabling LAN lookup? Thanks for any hints, Best Numa P.S.: Bittorrent Sync Version 1.1.82; Ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS. Package used from tuxpoldo/btsync-deb repository