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  1. kramttocs That's exactly what I ended up doing. It makes no sense to have to go through that though.
  2. Same issue here. How do you connect an existing, non-empty, folder on Android?
  3. After updating to Sync 2.0 on my phone, I get this error when trying to connect folders and the process goes no further. Any ideas?
  4. I agree with sfmcnally. The UI is just an annoyance that could be gotten use to. The broken sync engine was the real reason I left and stopped promoting the product. I have high hopes that it gets the attention it deserves. I truely want this product to work again.
  5. I stopped using Sync with the release of 1.4. I used Sync for over a year to sync everything from my phone to 50GB of remote server files. I was dumbfounded by the simplicity of the setup. I was ready to hand someone money. I became a preacher for the product. The release of 1.4 has forced me to stop using it due to reliability problems and constant frustration and confusion with the UI. I’m not a very critical person at all, but the UI is really bad. I have hope, however. I’ll keep checking back. IMHO, this is what needs to come back: Bullet proof syncIndexing that doesn’t take weeks on a 32GB RAM/8 core/SSD computer.A spot to enter the key during initial folder connection on the other computers.During initial folder connection, use the folder I selected. Don’t create a folder for me inside that folder just because it wasn’t empty.Don’t make your users search for invisible folder share and settings buttons. If using a touch screen, they would never find them. At least let them right click. Sharing is the whole freaking point of the software, why would one hide the button to do that?
  6. What I've found is that it's not the BT Sync on the phone that's draining the battery, it's the constant pinging upon the phone whenever the desktop client is running, *even if BT sync isn't even running on the phone*. As soon as I stop the desktop client, battery drain goes back to normal. SG3, 4.3 Eclispe ROM