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  1. Is there a way to install bittorrent sync onto a wd mybooklive nas anymore? I knew how to do it before but now I don't even see the downloads for those drives (just the newer wd NASs). Thanks.
  2. I like the camera roll backup feature you can do with android btsync. I have my camera roll back up to my sdcard though so it seems like that feature doesn't work unless my cameral roll is on my internal storage under default settings. Is there a way to modify the btsync app settings so it knows my camera roll is on my sd card? Have android kitkat Also with apple ios, if I turn on and off my phone do I have to manually restart the btsync app to do autobackground backup? I know that used to be the case but wondering if things have changed by now. Thanks.
  3. I want to backup both ios 8 and android kitkat phones onto my NAS that has bittorrent sync on it. Questions: 1. For ios 8 - if I turn my phone off and then turn it back on again, do I have to push on the bittorrent sync app to restart it again or will it continue to automatically backup my camera roll without me having to restart the app manually? 2. For android - can I do a backup, not sync of the files on my phone? I want the files to remain on my target even if my source files are deleted. If so, how can I do this? Thanks.
  4. I've got a 2 TB mybooklive in my sister's house. If you buy off ebay, you can get them new even for $80, used $60 though I hear some do break down (slower speed) after a little while but one at my house has been working for 3 years now. I don't really notice speed since I don't care. But I would think it'd be dependent on the upload speeds your internet service provider gives you unless it's super fast (don't quote me, I'm not an expert).
  5. Thanks RomanZ. Fantastic program by the way. The most error free backup program I'm used.
  6. Can the ios app for iphones and ipads do the following: 1. Automatic backup of all folders (including camera roll) after phone is turned back on again (don't want to have to remember to push the bittorrent sync app button ever time I turn on/off the phone) 2. Have multiple photo/video folders synced that show up as separate albums. Thanks.
  7. I accidentally deleted all my photos/videos from my android jelly bean phone which was set to one-way sync with my mybooklive NAS at home. I see the photos still in the hidden sync archive folder. So what's the easiest way to restore the photos/videos back to my android phone? thanks. Fantastic program by the way which has worked well for me for maybe 6 months now without any errors.
  8. RomanZ - it's working. I didn't know I had to go through the /mnt folder. Thanks.
  9. I have kitkat but I rooted it and I installed and ran SDfix. SDfix said I now have access to my external card so why can't I pick any external SD card folder with bittorrentsync and sync it? I already had btsync running on my phone before rooting. Do I need to reinstall it? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I'll give rooting and the module a try. I think I'd like to setup wifi tether (which I couldn't get working without root) anyway so maybe rooting is right for me anyway.
  11. Thanks Romanz. I guess ill root my phone. I assume it can be fixed that way right? Very disappointed in google for turning into apple. Love bittorrent sync though.
  12. I think I've messed up. I upgraded to the latest kit kat version without reading other posts since I hadn't gotten a response yet and thought I'd try that. Is rooting the only option for me to be able to backup my camera roll photos now that I'm on kit kat? It seems like camera roll automatically goes to the dcim folder (although on my S4 it gives me the option between external card and internal card, but still in a folder called dcim).
  13. Did I do something wrong? I have a Samsung galaxy s4 Android 4.3 phone. The camera roll is located on an sd card I put in my phone. I installed bittorrent sync on my phone and win 8 laptop. I used the "backup" option on my phone and selected my camera roll (located on sd card) for backup. Then using my phone, I emailed myself a secret which I entered into bittorrent sync on my pc and selected a folder on the pc to put the photos in. Nothing has synced. So what did I do wrong? Thanks.