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  1. How to Run BTsync as a service I Verified this works on both MS server 2008 r2 MS server 2012 r2 1. Install BTSync on the server 2. Set up the shares the way you want them 3. *Un*check the settings “Show notifications” 4. *Un*check the settings “Start BTsync when windows starts” 5.Download server 2003 resource kit from MS 6. Extract to a folder of your choosing on the server. I used “C:\SRL_service\” 7.From a cmd window CD C:\SRL_service InstSrv BTSync_SRL C:\SRL_service\srvany.exe Close cmd window 8. Regedit.exe (Make a registry backup first) HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services\BTsync_SRL New Key Parameters New String Value inside Parameters Name:”Application” Value:”C:Programfiles(x86)\Bittorent Sync\btsync.exe” 9. Exit btsync manually in the OS if it’s running 10. Open Services window: Services.msc find the service BTsync_SRL Properties Log on tab This Account .\Administrator 11. Start the service. 12. To test it Restart the server and do not log in to the server. 13. Check the active transfers from a different connected BTsync client. Note: If you need to manage btsync to add or remove a share. You'll need to stop the service running and open it manually on the server, make the change, close it and then start the service again. Hopefully they will add the run as a service feature soon, but untill then this hack works for me. Good Luck. Shaun