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  1. Did this. Here are my results: Computer A & B = 6.2 GB in 19399 files Computer C = 6.2 GB in 19405 files Why the difference? How can I ever be certain that the sync is working properly?
  2. Okay, so lets take this to the next level because the documentation, or lack of, doesn't mention this: Scenario 2: I have 3 computers on the same network with the same folder names. Computers A & B have been syncing using bsync full access secret successfully. Computer C has the same data as A & B but with additional data that needs to be synced to A & B and has never used bsync. Questions: 1. How do you bring Computer C into the fold using bsync? 2. If its possible, in detail please explain how to make Computer C the Master syncing its new data to A & B until all folders are mirrored? 3. Assuming this works, Please explain how to put everything back into full access mode with all 3 computers syncing?
  3. Scenario: I have 2 computers on the same network with the same folder name and similar content. Each folder is updated independently on a daily basis. Questions: 1. Does Bsync need to be installed on both machines? If so, which is the master and which is the slave (or does this only apply when you use a read-only key)? 2. Assuming I do need to have Bsync installed on both machines, do I add the "local" Sync folder that I want merged on each machine? If so, which machines secret do I use? Its confusing because when you go to add a Sync Folder its ask for the directory and shared folder secret or asks you to generate on of your own. So do I generate one and copy to the other machine? Which takes precedence? It doesn't seem to be doing what I am asking. I went to the extent of zipping up one of the folders and copying it to the other and tried to syncing but it just starts adding new files basically recreating from scratch. Can it not detect that there are no differences and start from there?
  4. With the current work around set. Is there any way to manipulate the settings under the user profile? I still want to be able to change the Up/Down speeds on the systems. With no GUI, not sure how this can be done. I already tried opening the config files in a text format but its encrypted.