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  1. Yes a snap package could be the best even for installing on Manjaro
  2. Sorry previous post was a mistake : the folder that wasn't synchronized was on a external driver not attached . May be in the tab "dispositivi" (Italian may be in English is devices) the folder that is not reacheble (because of the external usb disk not conneccted for example) have to be highlighetd in some way, other way it seems it's not actually synchronized.
  3. It seems that some file are not fully synched between peers. I have three peers and btsync says that one dir it's not fully synchronized with one of the peer. There are 11,5 giga of file and the UI says that needs to sync 20Mb, but they never synched. I see in the log some info about one of this file [2014-07-22 23:41:01] Torrent \\?\H:\BTSYNCH\PERSONALE\ISO\OracleSOA\oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.001 status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0 Same things happen in other dir 13.4 GB missing to be synchronized. Any help?
  4. I have a similar configuration with Virtualbox (using snapshot) in the last month and everithing work fine for now. File in use with the VM are not synchronized until they are available (Windows host).
  5. I need to synchronize folder only on internal lan (two pc on 192.168.1.*) so i uncheck all properties of a folder, and leave checked only "Search Lan" on a Folder that have a read only key (on both pc in internal lan) But i see that there are transfer even outside to external peer (over internet connection) from both PC. I'm missing something? Version 1.3.94 Thank you
  6. Hi RomanZ, these are my opinion, so this is only a point of view. It's up to BitTorrent to decide if it's useful or not to follow SymLink, from my point of view they are useful (my home in linux system is a simple symlink to a different filesystem because /root disk was too small). "people want symlinks to point outside of the sync folder (main usage scenario - accumulating all backup data in one folder)." Yes this is one of my need. - The option in rsynch copy-unsafe-links could be a solution, may be it's not useful to implement the safe option. This tells rsync to copy the referent of
  7. I generate a new folder with a encryption key I use Windows 7, and apparently a right configuration file (encryption key is generated). But the windows Btsynch didn't see any file in folder (there are many files in dir ) , and peers are not aligned (ok if i can't see any file in original folder nothing could be aligned )
  8. For me the Symlinks are generally useful, but is a personal point of view, may be not useful for any other. They could introduce more complexity so they need to be evaluated May be some suggestion on how they are handled could be found here Chapter Symbolic Link Anyway i'm not sayng that btsync equals rsync or similar thing , this is only a suggestion, and i actually prefer btsync in some cases in my daily use (more easy to use at all, no needed ssh server , no port configuration etc etc )
  9. I can confirm this issue seems resolved: - fixed issue with handle leak for Linux and Linux-based platforms
  10. Thank you , your support it's impressive ! I think i have a previous installation or have done (last year) some bad operation. I clean all, as per your instruction. Last starts were done, as you say, but the problem persist, i saw a lot of ": WriteToDisk: Too many open files" (this is not a package problem i know but is blocking all sync operation for many people) As it appear to be a bug on many different installation on linux machine is there any easy way to install a previous package version (1.3.77 f
  11. Last post, i promise As it appear to be a bug on many different installation , is there any easy way to install a previous package version (1.3.77 for example) that work better?
  12. Anyway for example it's not clear how to revert to 1.3.77 on "Raspbian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)" for example , i use the unofficial distribution Could someone help me (and probably ohter person) on how to revert to previous version ?
  13. Same problem on raspberry damn previous version seems don't have this bug, now all synching stopped this is my "main" server Web interface say that: "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." CPU 98% Too bad.....
  14. Sorry, it's not clear if the feedback it's sufficent to report a bug. I could reproduce the beahaviour if you need more info. Thank you Antimo