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  1. Hi all Since a while i struggle with incomplete transfers in read-only folders. I searched a lot on the forums, found similar things but no answer (which worked). Could you please help me with that? Setup: "Origin": OSX, BTSync 1.2.82 "Backup": Debian ARM, BTsync 1.2.82, API enabled. Initial Sync in LAN, now connection over WAN Files: 107GB in 40k Files (mostly pictures) Problem: One file never got synced, the Client on the Mac always had this "arrow UP" and 3.4MB. New files were synced successfully. File was not locked nor write-protected. Debug log on Backup showed: [20140303 09:03:10.205] SyncFilesController: Update for invalidated file "1402_Blah/xxx.JPG" (R/O). SkippingNow i thought let's recreate all indexes. I deleted .sync and all .Sync* files in my share. It took a night to index / sync, now i've got 400MB out of sync. I love btsync, i'd like to kick out Dropbox, but with this feature not working properly, i can't really rely on it. Thanks for reading and your help!!
  2. I'm intrested in this as well. Is there a parameter to change this behaviour? Thanks Chris
  3. Thank you, that makes sense! Is there a way to prevent BTSync from recreate deleted / altered files on a readonly-node? Thanks Chris
  4. UP Anyone? The reason for my question is that i would like to have a read-only client which DOES NOT recreate deleted or altered files. Thank you! Chris
  5. Hi forum! Could you explain the config-setting "check_for_update"? It's in some sample-configs but there is no documentation... Thanks! Chris
  6. Hi there I am suffering the same Problem described in the forum here and here. What i noticed is that sync often completes after i re-create the index. Means: Stop-service, delete .sync/*, start service. I am using sync to backup my pictures, it's a folder of 105GB or about 25k Files. The Index-File uses about 100mb of space. There are posts in the topics above speaking about "Check if you have file-locks", but this isn't the problem. Sync does work with newly added files (it says 300MB first, and stucks at 20MB again, just the same as before the upload. Is there a reason - beside the time it take - against a scheduled recreation of the index file once a week (or so)? Or do you have any ideas to find away avoiding this? Chris