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  1. Hi I have been using R Sync for 5 years or more and have just installed it on my mobile and I want one folder from my 40GB R sysnc that has 4 peers. It is a travel folder and I am going to India, passport scans ect How do I do this, as it appears to want to sync the whole lot, 40GB to big for phone Cheers Oh and how do a sync to SD card
  2. Utter junk Con us in to installing a free software then move the goal posts and charge us for it if we have any more than 10 folders Really? This thing is loaded with bugs and simply is not mature enought to be sold Crap
  3. Hi Is it possible to store the folder to sync on a NAS so it would be available over the internet (my NAS has an address that I can view my files from), and is there a way to restrict the android app to only sync certain folders within the main synced folder (as my sysnc folder will be too large for my mobile Cheers
  4. Yes but I suppose that my questions is will this bit toorent sync work when the files are encrypted with another app or when using android encryption
  5. Hi Is it possible to encrypt the bit torrent sync folder on an Android Device. I have done it on my PC with a TrueCrypt container. This is why my dropdox, Google drive and bit torent sync folders are, Cheers
  6. Why don't you get a raspberry Pi and stuck in a 32GB USB Stick and configure it to be a Bittorrent sync server and leave it on forever, its only 5 watts so wont even be noticeable on your elec bill. Every time you connect to the internet anywhere in the world, your devices sync
  7. How does the app work? I mean in terms of syncing, becuase I have a folder of around 5GB on my PC that I want to sysnc across all devices but dont want 5GB on my phone if you know what I mean Does it just sync file names? and then actually download the file if I require it. I suppose that not having the actual files then requires an active internet connection in order to download a file that is needed, unless of course it actually syncs the files Cheers
  8. I think you doing this the wrong way round. Create a truecrypt container and store your bittorrent sync and drop box folders inn it/ Have it mount on start up and just enter your password to unlock the container. You can use cloud fogger to encrypt your sync from dropbox etc. This way you only sync the files in the truecrypt container
  9. Ok Works perfectly well I have a script that delays drop-box start-up until my true-crypt container mounts. It only mounts after I have entered my password, then I use cloudfogger to encrypt data between my drop-box and sky-drive online folders and bittorrent sync seems to work fine from within the mounted true-crypt container All secure then! my laptop is protected and so is the transmission of files over the internet Arguably one could stop using dropbox when using bittorrent sync, however I still feel the need to be able to access my files over the internet in a web browser Great
  10. Will this work with a truecrypt container? I mean can I sync a folder inside my truecrypt volume that is mounted at start up on my PC. Works perfectly with Dropbox and SkyDrive, so I am hoping that it will be aright with BitTorrentSync cheers