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  1. I took the plunge and it seems like things have worked out: 1. Transferred license to new machine (#2), this removes the pro functionality on old machine (#1). 2. Manually copied folders from #1 to #2 3. Copied key from #1 and added to #2, directing to the appropriate copied folder 4. After a few minutes Sync had re-indexed the folders on the new computer. I also transferred .sync, and it appears that the IgnoreList is intact
  2. I have a single seat PRO license and just got a new desktop computer. I have a folder on my old machine synced to a remote backup machine. I plan to use an external harddrive to move the complete folder from my old desktop to my new machine. Is there a best practices way to make this transfer without re-syncing all the files to the remote machine?
  3. I have been having trouble with a certain directory that refuses to sync to a read-only machine. I finally gave up and put it on the ignore list (on both machines, bittorrent sync turned off on both). Looking at the history on the source machine, I am getting a message: "Failed to download XXXX - Bad Piece Hash: The system cannot find the file specified". Why would it be trying to download XXXX from a Read-Only machine?
  4. Yes I can do this, should I just post it up here or should I send it directly? Working on getting a succinct log that won't take up too much space, I'll put it on here.
  5. GreatMarko: Thanks for your help yesterday, but in fact that did not solve the problem, the files started repeatedly syncing again after a little while. I went on the read-only machine and found a (potentially) more helpful log error messages: [2014-05-12 12:12:36] Torrent \\?\C:\Users\*****.xls status:152 error:Files missing from job. Please recheck. meta:1 conns:0 io:0 [2014-05-12 12:12:36] [OnNotifyFileChange] \\?\C:\Users\*****.xls.!sync, source = NULL Any idea what would be causing this for a series of files?
  6. Ahhh the .!sync files. Thank you! I think it is running smoothly now.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I don't have them open, no.
  8. I have a number of excel files on my computer that are constantly syncing, despite the file being unchanged. I sync to a read-only version on a remote desktop that I control, so I am fairly sure the issue is on "my" end. In my experience this is only happening with excel files. I made sure the timestamp was updated, having seen that cause problems for other users on the forum. This is an instance from the error log. It will occur repeatedly, sometimes preceded by a "ping" or a "Extension:" line. [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Torrent \\?\C:\Users\******.xls status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0 [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Force unloading torrent \\?\C:\Users\*******.xls
  9. I would like to change the name of a folder that I have synced between two computers. It's a large folder so I want to avoid re-syncing the contents. What is the best way to do this? I guess the obvious answer might be to copy the contents from the currently synced folder to the new folder, and then re-share. Does this work or does it cause issues?
  10. I ran into a similar problem, running Sync 1.1.82. I had a "doc.kml" file generated from Google Earth. The modified time stamp was in the year 1601, and I got the "bad timestamp" error from Sync. For my purposes I just made a small change to the file and it synced, but I figured I would pass the information along.