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  1. SOLVED! EDIT: Sorry, just after saving this post, it came to me: it was an issue with windows UAC-settings. So, sorry, Everything works fine now. Well, since now it should work to install resilio on a windows server, with the right license applied on a non server system first, I now tried to install resilio on a windows server. When I install it as a normal program, it works. But if a want to install it as a service, no luck. It still says it's not possible to install resilio "home" on a server. Version 2.6 works. Version 2.7 works as a service on a normal desktop, too. It displays the right license type, too. I downloaded the setup.exe from and as well and even the desktop setup.exe; as well as the link here in this thread. They files have the same size, but seem to differ. Any advice how to accomplish to install resilio as a service on a server? Any steps I'm missing? Thanks.
  2. Well, no one (apart from resilio) knows how many customers where using a home license for business. And I understand their problem, though I am affected, too. But I must say, before posting here I also wrote to resilios support. Unlike other companies, least help desks, I got a reply and I am happy that support actually read what I wrote. So, as annoying as that change is, I guess I just want to say, that I don't think their motivation is to rip us off. So calm down.
  3. Hello everyone. I've been using resilio now for quite a while (it was called btsync, remember?) , having an home pro license and upgraded to home pro family license a while ago. With version 2.7.0 I'm not able to use my license on private windows server which I was before. Maybe (edit: looks like you did) you decided to tell home and PRO business use apart by the OS one is using. I don't think would be fair. Of course I'm using resilio home pro family because I do have a lot of data to sync like media e.g. DNG / RAW photos oder backup files. If I wasn't using resilio with a lot and mostly large files, I would use some cloud service, which I did in the past (let's forget about privacy). So what if not for storing backups away from home at your brother's or parents house would I use resilio? Besides that it's nice to have a server at home, so everyone in the family household is able to use whatever computer / laptop to log on to without preparing every device again and again. So with 5 family household members alone, that - hint hint - home PRO FAMILY license came just right. Not anymore, though. So, please reconsider. I would be even willing to pay for a 2 server usable license, like an upgrade or whatever. But having to buy a License for 20 or even up to 60 users for min. 10$ / user is a bit - I don't know, still looking for the right word. Now I feel like my "lifetime" license just died. I already sent a ticket, but looking at this thread shows, that I'm not the only one who feels, that he paid for a product which is no longer usable. I understand the product evolves, but that's here different. Having to kick out the two syncing server systems or buy a really high prices server license would be both really bad. Unlike some other people here think, getting a license for server that expensive, in the EU it's legal for sellers to (re)sell OEM or used licences to whatever price. In Germany the court ruled it legal. And using a server doesn't mean you're doing business with it or with resilio for that matter, it means, that maybe you're a PRO user ... hint hint: home PRO licence.
  4. Could you explain a bit more what that means exactly? Is a working secret creatable just by knowing the folder name or do you use a "key" which creates a working secret?