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  1. Hi, One of the issues I have is that my upstreem speed on ADSL etc... even cable is very slow, but I do own multiple unlimited internet connections e.g. 3 mobile phones, 2 ADSL lines and a cable scattered across various places, maybe even more at some point. So what I would like to be able to do is use those internet connections (which I can do in with various tethering methods for instance) but only have one machine/file server at each home point.... Obviously when I sync across more machines with more connections the speed will naturally go up, but it's using the mobile broadband as well as the standard connections. Usually I'd do something like start the torrent app multiple times or fork it with each instance listening on the IP address assigned by each internet connection. Then have all of those go to a 'tracker' so when I connect another client it will download the file/s combining the multiple upstream but only one file server... Also is it possible to change the bit-torrent signature as three mobile broadband block file-sharing (e.g. bit-torrent) and this isn't technically 'file sharing', maybe I could phone three and see if they'll unblock me!