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  1. Hello, I have an eclipse workspace synced over several machines all running 2.0.120 on windows and 2.0.124 on linux. Extraneous lines are being added to the end of files as follows: [20150615 12:12:48.100] assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-i386/fileutil.cpp:109 [20150615 12:12:48.100] assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-i386/wincompat.h:409 This of course causes terrible corruption. Any ideas? Thanks Alex
  2. Hello, While testing some things with Btsync since my pro trial expired I have created a problem. I deleted a shared folder and it is reported as "Folder not found". I want the folder re-created. The only option would seem to be disconnecting the folder and having it deleted from my user and other 7 devices. Then re-sharing it from a device that was up-to-date. Is there a simple way of re-creating the folder. Thanks
  3. @carsten.uhlig 2. Lots of comments talk about the 10 folder restriction. Some people are saying that it is ok because it is not the removal of a "feature/function" others are saying that it is. I was trying to say that the definition of "feature" can be argued forever and it won't make any difference. A "feature" of a new processor is that it can do 2 things at once instead of 1....or is that not a feature... 5. it is possible to have secure transmissions and sharing without going through a central server. I don't mean to generalize on American software at all. It is not a nationality
  4. I had 3 major problems One node couldn't complete indexing. I suspect the problem was related to it being the only node running a 32bit executable as the machine was far more powerful than some others in the network. The web gui is extremely slow probably due to the indexes being stored in flat files rather than some sort of database. This also makes indexing large numbers of files very slow. I have somewhere in the order of 500,000 files of all sorts of sizes. A fully indexed node was using ~ 1Gb of resident memory. Rather than keeping a stats table the gui scans the entire index to g
  5. Some commenters have suggested that the people posting here are the noisy minority. Why don't we have a poll to see what a larger number are thinking? I have just spent 2 weeks testing syncthing which is unfortunately not ready to handle my requirements. I sync 5TB of data over 14 nodes and syncthing couldn't handle it. Development seems very active on the project but on identical hardware it couldn't keep up with the data. My guess is that Bittorrent feel that there is no real competitor on the market yet who offer exactly the functionality of btsync. They have a captive market and t
  6. This can probably be ignored. One of the machines in the sync cluster is corrupting data on its own so I assume that it is responsible for the mess. Also no one else has posted with the same problem.
  7. I am having trouble with file corruption with 4 machines 2 Linux and 2 Windows all running 1.3.105. I have been using one sync folder with minecraft so we can always have a local server without running a server on the net. There is only ever one minecraft server running at once and I always make sure that sync has finished before turning off the minecraft server machine. We have noticed strangeness (and thought of herobrine) but today we have corruption in 19 chunks. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any sort of file corruption? I also sync flat file databases and corruptio