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  1. Tried to give another chance the same problem persists. This time I just removed every file and folder with " : | $ " and everything synced with none of the side effect described above
  2. I have a similar issue only with Linux -> Android. Long names with pipe | get stuck.
  3. I'm getting some really weird results I was doing some tests with special characters. -Created a file named 'file -&!~ file'. Everything OK -Rename it to 'file -&!~| file'. It is still working. -At some point in the future while testing other files, the file is magically renamed to the first name 'file -&!~ file'(without pipe) The only behavior I was able to get reliably is long file names with pipe 'Silent Circle and Lavabit launch DarkMail Allianceb to thwart e-mail spying | Ars Technica.html' This file will be listed but it won't sync in android and it will block other files from syncing After all these tests I've got some files in 'limbo' (files that were deleted but still appear as pending to sync.
  4. I'm trying to sync a folder between a linux btsync and the android client. The syncing gets stuck on files with | (pipe) in them and maybe : ~ After finding the files and renaming them the syncing resumes and is completed successfully. This issues doesn't occur when syncing between two Linux btsync. And I've found nothing of use in sync.log