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  1. Are you familiar w/ GNU/Linux systems? Invoking that command should absolutely be _not_ necessary. Ever. It also shouldn't be invoked from inside the application. The application should just work out of the box.
  2. I tried, but as long as the alignment issue isn't solved, there is no way to upgrade from 1.1.48 on the ARM machine.
  3. I tested v1.2.68, it still yields alignment errors.
  4. BTW, at least with 1.1.48, the log files seem to be misleading. The date specifier should be 20131031 (as there is no 31st of September).
  5. Hi, I tried to use BTSync to synchronize some big audio files (hours of uncompressed PCM => several GBs) from my old Mac Mini (quite slow) to my NAS system. However, it doesn't work: Some investigations led me to guess an explanation for this: 1. The client on the Mac realizes there is a new file, it will do these two things 1.a. Start generating meta data 1.b. Announce the existence of the file across the network 2. The client on the NAS receives the announcement and will try to get the metadata for the file. 3. The client on the Mac does not have the metadata yet, and rejects the meta