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  1. Sorry, I can't help now as we were just trying BTsync out. I still have great hope for it but it seems it's not ready for prime time (which you know as it still has the beta tag). We've moved to another solution in the mean time and will hopefully be back next year when it's all working. P.S. I promise I'm not trolling in posting this, I am mearly trying to give a bit of feedback to this bug. It's directly affecting users. Thanks again for a great project
  2. Agreed, all my shares have user supplied secrets which instantly stops us from using this feature :-/
  3. I've looked all over for this so sorry if I'm missing something. I'm running BitTorrent Sync 1.2.68 on the command line with a config file, no GUI. Is it possible to see active connections to the client at all? Thank you
  4. I seem to have this problem with all my installations now :-/ Ubuntu 12.04 on Desktops and Laptops CentOS 6 on Servers