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  1. Maybe your ISP is limiting torrent traffic. Are you ports open and can you download torrents at full speed in a bittorrent client? Does the btsync web interface show the two arrows?
  2. I ended up using Unison which is working well. I just used inotify to kick of unison in a looping script. Maybe I'll check back here later and try it btsync again to see if this problem gets solved.
  3. I have read through the recent posts on slow speeds and WAN and couldn't find a solution to this one. I have a Linux server in US that is syncing to a desktop in South Africa. My old method of transfer is SFTP where I was getting speeds of 440kBs. I am on a 4MB connection this end so that was as good as it gets. Using btsync I see occasional peaks of 100kBs, but mostly it is between 20-60kBs. I have the 2 arrows in the web interface. Listening port open on both machines. I can max connection on torrent traffic on the desktop with a normal torrent client. The files sizes are generally