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  1. If you have for example PC1 and PC2, then enter the outward facing IP address and listening port of PC1 in the user predefined hosts setting of PC2 and vice versa. Unless you have a fixed IP, you should use something that will detect and update your real world IP address.
  2. Google translation of this ........ My English is relatively humble meter ... back upstairs to say too complicated hope can help me translate what First of all thank the software development team really easy to useNot only is the editing and dissemination of informationI put this here is mainly used as a collaboration toolGroup co-produced with this tool subtitle efficiency very much now without itVisual problem occurs because the tracker server's domain name because too many connections after the ban was noticed out GFWThis is basically no solution might look good mood lifted GFW Currently only hope the development team can release tracker sideIntegrated into the tracker side or client li give a switch to control the tracker functionLet the walls to build their own trackerAnd also need secret can be like magnet can be added as a suffix to customize the tracker address countless letters GFWIf the above function , then I realized there was a suggestionHere in sync folder can have a hidden file used to record this secret service who agree custom trackerfull access users can update the readonly users can add their own custom local client trackerThen the client can automatically read the file host address and try to connect this can make the whole network more robust synchronization is difficult to be disturbed
  3. I would really like to get some feedback from a dev on this issue. Right now I have no workaround for android, known hosts is at least working for the PC client. I also think it would be nice to know why its connecting to facebook, but also understand why BTSync is getting blocked. I was under the impression that it works just like torrents, and torrents are working fine in China (thankfully, fingers crossed, have to download some decent TV ), so how is BTSync getting blocked. p.s. Brit in Zhongshan
  4. In China, each area seems to have its own set of rules for what gets blocked. From my experience, there are universally blocked sites (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc), then there seems to be local blocking which is controlled by the local ISP. Also, there seems to be differences between using China Mobile and China Unicom. Either way it seems to be very hit or miss and the moment, I have PC's in Zhongshan (next door to Foshan ) and Shenzhen which are being blocked. If BTSync is connecting to FB, then its going to be flagged up and blocked by the local ISP's here.
  5. in the btsync client, right click on the shared folder and select 'show folder properties' click on the properties tab, then tick 'user predefined hosts' then you need to add the other pcs ip address and port (port used for btsync) you can use something like if you have a dynamic ip and not sure if its required, but i also mapped the ports on my router to the pc. i guess btsync is now an official threat to the safety and stability of the peoples republic of china
  6. Any dev feedback on this problem? Is there any kind of workaround for android? I appreciate that China is somewhat of a 'special case', but any help for those of us living out here would be great. The internet here is bad enough already
  7. Thank you. Is BTSync looking at the creation date or last modified date when evaluating the file? Rather than re-copying all the files, I am going to reset the time/date stamp of all the files
  8. I have 2 large media collections (movies, music, etc) at different locations. Before setting up the second location, I took an exact copy of all the files. Now that I have setup BTSync to sync the 2 locations, it seems to be re-copying everything again (lots of gigs, which is going to take too long). Is there any way to make sure BTSync ignores files that already exist and just starts to sync new files ? Thanks
  9. I can also confirm, adding predefined hosts solves this problem, but not ideal for use with android. For me it does not matter where the server is, same city also wont find any devices (tested on China Telecom, Shenzhen and Guangzhou)
  10. Interestingly, when I use VPN on both my PC and phone, it wont discover any devices, but if only on my PC, my device pops up straight away and starts copying.
  11. I have BTSync installed on 3 pcs and my Android phone. Until a few days ago, sync worked fine but now each client is not seeing any devices. Also if I check for updates in the app, I get "Unable to contact Bittorrent Sync update server. I have tired from multiple locations / internet connections, without any luck. As mentioned, everything had been working fine for months, so I am wondering if the GFW (Chinas firewall) has started to block this server (if it is even possible to block, because torrent works fine). Any suggestions?