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  1. Hello I am using 1.4.99 on a Linux box, which is behind a firewall, where I need to use a SOCKS proxy. With 2 of the 4 shares, that I have, I find that they are not syncing. The other 2 are syncing. Well… Why? I have one box in the public Internet and this one box behind the proxy. All two boxes have the same 4 shares. 2 of them sync, 2 don't. How can I find out what's causing this issue? Thanks a lot, Alexander
  2. Hi joaopaulo Yeah, I guess that this should work. Didn't know about this toggle. Thanks, question (most certainly…) solved Cheers, Alexander
  3. Hi On my Android device, I shared the TitaniumBackup folder as a "backup" folder (3rd tab in the app). I added this shared folder on my PC and waited, until all files were there. Then, on the PC, I removed the files in the folder. The web interface thus shows: 0 B in 0 files Correct. Now ­— how would I "re-sync" that folder, so that the PC (a Linux system) gets those now missing files again? Granted, in that specific case, it would be easy to delete the shared folder from the PCs config, as I removed all files. But suppose there were 815 files and 42 were removed… How to do? Thanks, Alexander
  4. Vince42, You are still wrong, though. Chef is a widely used server software. And Node.js is not just a library. You don't really know what you're talking about, do you? You are an hobbyist, am I right?
  5. I know that this might be "slightly" off-topic, but what "synocommunity package" are you refering to? Can you post or so? (feel free to pm me, if it's too off topic). Thanks, Alexander
  6. Hello On my Linux VPS server, I installed btsync x64 1.2.71. In the sync.log, I find loads and loads of these messages: […] [20131112 09:50:33.333] Blocked downloading file cache/ due Connection closed[…] "Blocked downloading file <file> due Connection closed" Why's that? Is that also the reason, why that server shows up with the relay server/cloud icon ? What can I do about that? Thanks,Alexander
  7. Hi In 1.2.71, I think I noticed a new icon in the web interface: What does that "cloud" (?) icon mean? Thanks, Alexander
  8. But really, that's just you. Lots of server software uses JSON for configuration. For example Chef uses json. And Node.js uses it of course quite a lot as well; yes, Node.js is no server software, but a language - as an example for a server software in Node.js with JSON, have a look at SDC by Joyent. I'm not a big fan of JSON, but stating that no server uses JSON is plain wrong. Alexander
  9. I think, I'm also experiencing high CPU load on my Ubuntu Linux systems with 1.2.68. It was constantly showing as the number #1 process in top output. I now downgraded to 1.1.82 and it's much better now. I've got 26730 files in 20 GB, spread over 9 shares. It syncs with only 1 other server right now.