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  1. Wrong folder size matters.

    If you are syncing 100 GBytes data but BTsync reports only 10 GBytes you should check debug log to find what "improperly" named file is stopping your folder indexing ....

    Question to developers:

    Why base code on ASCII when we are on Unicode era since decades?

    I know it matters, that's why I brought it up, read the previous part of the conversation

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  2. The size of data to sync is still reported wrong. Heck, I have one sync where it says it's out of sync one one node and synced on the other, but the one that says it's not says it still needs to receive 16 GB of files! All the files are synced and that's about a third of the folder size! Other than that and it not syncing the files with foreign characters it's working just fine so far

    Oh and when no peers are online besides my nas it will say that no peers are online to receive some bogus number of files like 17000 GB

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  3. After starting the new version of btsync, on my Raspberry pi, I was unable to access the webui using a different pc. I restarted the client and found this did not fix the problem.

    I then looked at my peers's list om my windows client and saw that it was still connected to my raspberry pi. From that I concluded that the webui section was not working or its port was different. I tried accessing the linux web client again on different ports with no success. When inspecting btsync with htop and iftop nothing seemed strange. To be thorough I redownloaded the version and removed the previous one from my raspberry pi.

    After no success I reverting back to v1.4.75 and the interface worked again.

    I have been too busy to do additional troubleshooting.

    I've experienced the same issue. Haven't found a way yet to access the webui on my nas after upgrading. Port 8888 doesn't work to access it...

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  4. I kept 1.4.75 on my nas and downgraded to 1.3.109 on my two windows machines. Had the same problem, BUT 1.3.109 at least tells you what files are currently syncing per share so by that you can figure out which ones are getting stuck without looking at log files. I simply cut the files that are stuck and paste them to a place that isn't being synced and wait for sync to say it's done syncing. Then I cut and paste the files back where they belong and it ends up syncing just fine.

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  5. And one thing everyone needs to remember...this is FREE software! I'm sure the devs work on this project in their free time and if it's anything like my free time then they don't have much. Just don't be so hard on them, they didn't have to bring us sync in the first place! I appreciate the software as it has greatly simplified backups so thank you guys!

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  6. I've got a couple bugs to report as well. First of all it would get stuck on sending on both clients forever even after it was all indexed, but this was when I upgraded from 1.3.109. I had to remove all the folders from all clients and start over. Next, there is a bug when you use the "enter a key" button. It would add the folder you picked, but the key would be wrong and I would have to use the "update key" button to get it to work right. Other than that things are looking very promising! Thanks for the hard work guys!

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  7. Why does btsync have to index files locally on every boot of the system? Can't the index file be saved and reopened upon boot? It's not like local files change while the computer is off and having to index on every boot really slows down the boot process...

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  8. Have bit torrent sync installed and running on a WD MyCloud EX4. Able to access Bit Torrent and set up folder shares via web gui.

    If I access the My Cloud via windows explorer none of the files that have been synced are visible, I don't even see the same file directory structure.

    How do I gain access to the same file/folder directory through windows explorer?

    I believe all the files that are visible to windows are only in the /share directory. If you sync them somewhere else you can't access them the normal way

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  9. But hard drive activity goes nuts for about half an hour on each boot and takes forever to boot the computer now. Wasn't till version 1.2 that this started. I've looked at the task manager and it's definitely btsync. Just decided to never turn the computer off till this issue is taken care of haha

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  10. Yes, I should have been more clear - I was referring to a folder's initial indexing. Obviously, Sync rescans the folder each time you start sync in order to detect any changes to files that were made whilst Sync wasn't running.

    But these subsequent "rescans" should be very quick in comparison to initial folder indexing, as the entire index isn't rebuilt from scratched each time, just "refreshed".

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    It's quicker, but still takes at least a half hour each time

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  11. It's important to let Sync finish indexing your folders before powering off your device. If indexing is incomplete/interrupted, whilst this won't do any harm, it will mean that the next time you start your computer (and Sync), Sync will attempt to re-index the folder(s) again.

    Once you've allowed Sync to fully index your 150GB folder, it shouldn't need to re-index it again upon subsequent runs.

    I disagree. My computer indexes with every start and yes I let it fully index

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