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  1. I'm running the following versions: ubuntu saucy: 1.1.82kubuntu saucy: 1.1.82osx Mavericks: 1.1.82windows 8: 1.1.82Android Galaxy S4: 1.2.9 I see from the links above that perhaps I should upgrade the Android version to 1.2.12 - but although it says 1.2.12 in the Play Store, the version on my device says 1.2.9.
  2. I have the same issue as well - and it is also preventing me from "trusting" btsync with important files. I use a number of devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android - and not all of them are online at the same time. I would like for when a device comes online and it sees a newer version of a file that was synced days ago - to not overwrite it with it's own older version.
  3. I have the same issue - wondering if this is a configuration issue or a bug?