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  1. I have a big problem with 1.4 Updated both my NAS today. When I create a share on one NAS, then copy the read only key (the one which starts with a and add it to the other NAS, it doesn't sync. And when I check the key of the share, it's not the one I copied over! Strangely, this problem doesn't happen when using read/write (Axxxxxxxxx) key. EDIT : tried on another location and it worked, weird...
  2. Using 1.2.92 on one linux server and 1.2.82 on two Synology NAS, work great together
  3. Thanks. Didn't get the debug log to work, I just have a standard log. However I saw in another thread that logging might be broken in this version. Anyway, switched back to 1.1.82 and CPU usage is fine now. EDIT : ok so everything is fine now! I simply deleted all of my synced folders, stopped BTSync, upgraded to 1.2.71, then started it and added all my synced folders. The indexing process took about 1h, and now the btsync process is idle.
  4. I'm syncing about 100 GB but I don't think that's the problem here, since my CPU usage was very low with 1.1.82. Synocommunity package installation uses different folders (/usr/local/btsync/bin for the binary and /usr/local/btsync/var for the other files), and I don't see debug.txt in either one of those, where should I put it? BTW, how did you manage to run btsync on your Synology without synocommunity package? You just downloaded and ran the ARM binary?
  5. Hi, Since 1.2.68, I have constantly a 60-90% CPU usage, even when everything is indexed. I had no problem under 1.1.82. I'm running it on my Synology DS413j using the synocommunity package. I would like to send a log but I didn't really understand the procedure with the debug.txt file, what do I type in that and do I put it in the same folder my sync.conf file is ?