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  1. Hello guys I just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a project which is in my mind since Sync's come out. You can give it a look at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/btsplit/x/1379004 It will be open source under MIT license and everyone can integrate in their home, business or whatever. Couple of words about the project: It consists of 3 parts: Web console (http://demo.btsplit.com) Desktop/Replication Server clients (wrappers for BTSync) Server API (Managing communications between clients and web console) The major goal for this project is to be able to easily manage all your devices and a bit more(Teams, Tasks & Messages). I've researching such ideas from 3 years to host Torrent client or Sync on VPS but the truth is that the storage and IOPs are expensive. So I decided to create a simple interface which can help easily managing your devices, and by doing so you can grab a dusty PC from your ceiling load it with TBs of HDDs for a 200$ an put them wherever you want and manage them from your home in a browser. No SSHs not TeamViewers no Sync interface just browser. So if you like it I hope you can spend 10-20 bucks, so I can keep it moving because I don't have enough time because of my job, but I want to build it. Thank you
  2. It's manual process, so you have to wait a little bit before you receive an email with your key.
  3. If you share folder with a file(s) which are empty (0B), in BTSync GUI files are not counted in Size column. It says "0B in 0 files". Size if accurate but files count not. Files are synced as expected. Also there is no notification bubble displayed after finished syncing. For developers: For this king of files the corresponding JSON is different in get_files method. Missing fields have_pieces, size, total_pieces . May be this can be considered a issue with the API, but the devs have to check first. {"name": "empty.txt","state": "created","type": "empty"}
  4. Request: Give a possibility to identify folders regardless of the secret type My use case: I'm building a web service which uses BTSync API to add folders and share them to team members. I don't want to store any RO/RW keys on the server so I decided to store only ENC secret as a ID of a given folder. This way if someone want to sync a folder I have a list of peers with different access ENC/RO/RW. I want to query them to get at least a RO secret by a ENC secret in my case. The problem: /api?method=get_folders&secret=xxxx - Returns result only when same type of secret is used when the folder is added, so if you add folder as RW, you cannot find it by RO or ENC secret. Possible solutions: Folder ID - One solution is to generate folder ID which can be used to find folder without a secretUse any secret type for get_folders method - This way I can filter the folders regardless of the secret type used when they were added My workaround: My workaround at the moment is as follows (My service use only encrypted folders): Person requests my server to get a RO or RW secret by its ENC secretServer sends request with ENC secret to all peers which shared this folder with the personEach peer calls get_folders method without a secret and gets all the folders secretsThen calls get_secrets for each secret and collects the resultFilters the result by matching the ENC secret and returns corresponding RO or RW secret or NotFound depending on access granted for the person which request it I don't know if its worth the effort to be implemented in the API or any other problem this could bring, but I hope the BTSync team will come up with something. This use case also applies to files where you have different secret types on each peer and want to get the download status, file names and so on.
  5. You can run multiple instances. But they have to be in different storage_path
  6. Can you post the .conf file
  7. May be you can use .SyncIgnore file to skip some files
  8. Both works as expected for me. I've tested the auth with: empty valuesno password key and empty loginno password and login keys.
  9. Can you tell what is the purpose of the api key? It's not checked online so I think it only activates the api.
  10. Change the command to: BTSync.exe /config BTSync.conf
  11. avladev

    Sync Dev Ideas

    I work on a team management tool which supports large amounts of data. A year ago I was thinking to do it with BitTorrent but it's too complex and I don't have enough time to implement full featured torrent client with bandwidth limit, api, partial downloads, encrypted peers and all that stuff. So now BTSync seems a good fit for my idea. Example usage: 1. Download the TeamClient (python code + BTSync.exe subprocess bundle) 2. Run the client, create account and login 3. Create team and add a share (data folder) 4. Add member to the team 5. Create a Task for a given team member and give him a couple of files from your share (to be processed with some tool for example) 6. The person for which the task is assigned gets notified and selected files are automatically downloaded to his machine 7. Then the member completes the task and push back processed files Also this will be browser based, so the client will be used only to run the BTSync and relay API calls trough websocket between server and BTSync API. I'll give more info if I make it to MVP state.
  12. There are mistakes in the documentation about this feature: 1. secret parameter is not required 2. type=encrypted should be type=encryption secret (required) - must specify folder secrettype (optional) - if type=encrypted, generate secret with support of encrypted peer