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  1. Hello guys I just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a project which is in my mind since Sync's come out. You can give it a look at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/btsplit/x/1379004 It will be open source under MIT license and everyone can integrate in their home, business or whatever. Couple of words about the project: It consists of 3 parts: Web console (http://demo.btsplit.com) Desktop/Replication Server clients (wrappers for BTSync) Server API (Managing communications between clients and web console) The major goal for this project is to be able to easily manage all your d
  2. It's manual process, so you have to wait a little bit before you receive an email with your key.
  3. If you share folder with a file(s) which are empty (0B), in BTSync GUI files are not counted in Size column. It says "0B in 0 files". Size if accurate but files count not. Files are synced as expected. Also there is no notification bubble displayed after finished syncing. For developers: For this king of files the corresponding JSON is different in get_files method. Missing fields have_pieces, size, total_pieces . May be this can be considered a issue with the API, but the devs have to check first. {"name": "empty.txt","state": "created","type": "empty"}
  4. Request: Give a possibility to identify folders regardless of the secret type My use case: I'm building a web service which uses BTSync API to add folders and share them to team members. I don't want to store any RO/RW keys on the server so I decided to store only ENC secret as a ID of a given folder. This way if someone want to sync a folder I have a list of peers with different access ENC/RO/RW. I want to query them to get at least a RO secret by a ENC secret in my case. The problem: /api?method=get_folders&secret=xxxx - Returns result only when same type of secret is used when
  5. You can run multiple instances. But they have to be in different storage_path
  6. May be you can use .SyncIgnore file to skip some files
  7. Both works as expected for me. I've tested the auth with: empty valuesno password key and empty loginno password and login keys.
  8. Can you tell what is the purpose of the api key? It's not checked online so I think it only activates the api.
  9. Change the command to: BTSync.exe /config BTSync.conf
  10. avladev

    Sync Dev Ideas

    I work on a team management tool which supports large amounts of data. A year ago I was thinking to do it with BitTorrent but it's too complex and I don't have enough time to implement full featured torrent client with bandwidth limit, api, partial downloads, encrypted peers and all that stuff. So now BTSync seems a good fit for my idea. Example usage: 1. Download the TeamClient (python code + BTSync.exe subprocess bundle) 2. Run the client, create account and login 3. Create team and add a share (data folder) 4. Add member to the team 5. Create a Task for a given team member and give him a
  11. There are mistakes in the documentation about this feature: 1. secret parameter is not required 2. type=encrypted should be type=encryption secret (required) - must specify folder secrettype (optional) - if type=encrypted, generate secret with support of encrypted peer