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  1. no i am looking for way to send actual data for backup to many PC machines, so btsync would be best solution with it. at this moment i see best sync, but cant see normal backup feature
  2. Hey guys! i am looking for way to backup my photos from android to my PC, i tried use default "backup" tab in android, but it works bad: if i remove file from android - it also removes from PC i saw advice on forum like "set sync_trash_ttl to zero and see your files in .SyncArchive directory" but i think it is not so good way for me so my question is next. is there any other ways to provide one way sync? i want achieve this behavior: if i remove file on android - it must stay on PC
  3. Briliant! I think this information must be accessible
  4. Hi guys, i am looking for easy way to generate encrypted secrets. is there any free software which can provide me ability to generate these secrets (through API)? encrypted secrets is very necessary feature for me
  5. Extensions like FireFox extensions. Also market with extensions. Everyone will gets opportunity to extend functionality, vote for extension, send feedback to author, etc.
  6. I offer you add feature in preference like "Extended mode" which will add this feature in main UI. Hope you will add it in near builds.