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  1. Awesome! Soon as in less than a month?
  2. Fantastic that someone posted this. I'm still seeing a very similar pattern when transferring large files (around 2.5GB each in this case) between two remote locations (upload: Mac, 20M; download: RaspberryPi, 6M). Nothing else is going on at both ends when the shots attached were taken, both running 1.2.73.
  3. Sounds fantastic, updated everywhere, will check shortly!
  4. Found an interesting entry in the log relating to the file that has been syncing so slowly: [20131113 00:35:54.312] Torrent /Volumes/bunch of folders/filename.sup status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0
  5. I'm utterly frustrated with the latest 1.2.x builds for the same reason. My setup is two Mac Minis, one on 20/20 optics, another on 7/1 cable. Syncing a bunch of large (1GB+) files. Attached is the current BTSync upload performance on the 20/20 line. It's truly like back in dial up times.