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  1. Is there a workaround for now? Some sort of permissions assignment that can be given? One of my BitTorrent Sync copies is 18,000km away and the other end is a slow connection - re-seeding the data will take weeks. EDIT: Actually, bicman11 over in this thread has a pretty sweet workaround. Just used it and works a-OK! http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/38865-two-problems-destination-folder-is-not-empty-loop-and-junctions/#entry107122
  2. I couldn't get this to work for read-only sync, either. Connecting to the folder using 2.0 version sync in a two-way mode works fine (clicking 'Connect), but for some reason when trying to connect to an existing folder using 1.0 version sync or using a read-only sharing link, I get the permissions error. Pretty annoying, as I'd prefer my backup device NOT to be able to sync changes back to the source device(s).
  3. I'm also surprised that this feature doesn't exist. I guess I'll have to demote my backup devices to not be "My Device" and treat them as any other peer.