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  1. Thanks for the answer, I guess. I find that particular design decision a little off the mark, but this isn't really the place to have that discussion. I still wonder why the behaviour is supported on mobile platforms but not on the desktop, but hey...I guess I'll see if there's some documentation or source code available and build my own version.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there was some way/workaround to allow desktop users (win 7 64, in my case) to sync only a selected subset of the files in a repository. I know the android version of the client allows this sort of behaviour so I'm a bit baffled that the desktop app doesn't seem to... I've tried tweaking the .SyncIgnore file in the "client" machine, but to no avail - BTSync seems to ignore it altogether. Just to make myself clear, say I've a BTSync repository that looks something like / |-Folder1 | |-File1 | |-File2 | |-File3 | |-Folder2 | |-File4 | |-Folder3 |-File5 |-File6 I want to be able to configure my "client" machine to get only Folder3 and its contents, for example. Note that the subset of files I want will probably change over time, so that maybe tomorrow I'll also want to have BTSync fetch Folder2 and its content. Thoughts, tricks, ideas, anyone? Thanks, Achnazoor. PS: Not sure if it makes any difference, but I'm using a readonly key in my "client".