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  1. So I have sync installed on a linux server acting as a remote host for my files, but I'm having some problems with the amount of memory and CPU it's consuming. It's hosted on a DreamHost VPS, so the biggest problem is when I reach my limits they will either force upgrade my tier of hosting or reboot my server so I don't continue using over the amount I pay for. Is there a way to limit the CPU/Memory usage? Here's an excerpt from my processes USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root 11290 109 31.1 447844 237124 ? Ssl 17:08 9:41 /BTSync/btsync As you can see, it's using over 100% of my CPU and 31% of my memory. This is usually only the case when it's indexing folders or uploading from multiple computers. But the problem is they'll end up rebooting and causing hiccups in our operation because we're unable to sync. Any ideas? I just updated sync to the latest version (1.3.94)
  2. I've looked over your changes and included it in the repo now. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. I don't believe it's possible at the moment. I've been searching for solutions since I first heard of BTSync, and the new API doesn't seem to add anything beneficial for iOS/Android developers. This is why I wish projects like this were open source.. there'd probably already be mobile frameworks developed in that case.
  4. You'll probably receive more feedback posting it it in the Sync General Discussion. This sub forum is for talking about the API.
  5. In order to make sure the file wouldn't vanish, I imagine you could use the API to check for clients. You could also monitor the transfer rate to see if it's transferring/transferred the file. This might not be the best solution, but I think it may be a solution.
  6. This is pretty much what I was originally trying to get at. But then, isn't that the point of the selective sync? Or is that only for selectively downloading, not uploading?
  7. So I figured before I start my ventures in writing some scripts for Sync, I'd create a nice and easy way to access the API from PHP. It has all the current API functions included. It requires a Sync install with the API enabled. Link : iGARET/BTSync-PHP Docs: Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions!
  8. Yeah, I was just thinking about how to go about syncing preferences wrong. But back to my other question, is it going to be possible to bundle a sync executable inside a mobile app, so we can use the API?
  9. First off, I'm ecstatic to finally have an API for this awesome app! But my question now is, what are we able to do with the current API? Going through the docs, it appears we only have the ability to list files and manage folders. This is great, but doesn't provide a lot of options for developers to really utilize the power of sync. Are you planning on adding the ability to add/remove files using the API? I ask, because I'd like to harness the power of sync to allow users of my apps to sync their preferences across multiple platforms. Many apps include dropbox and google drive support to sync. But I'd like to incorporate BTSync into my apps, as I think it's far superior to the other services. Is this going to be possible in the future? Also, will it be possible to use the API on iOS/Android devices?