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  1. i syncing my android phone and PC pictures, i got it sunced to PC and want to delete some. On my PC i delete it but after a while they are come back! I have grouping by date in my windows explrorer, so i see pictures was old, but when it come back it became new (a date from today). How can i delete it on PC so my phone deletes it too ? I uses last versions on both devices. Thank you
  2. Hello i have 4 folder which contains around 18000 files and around 300 folders. i place it in a one folder and copy on my second pc so this folders was identical on both PCs. than i added it to a bittorent sync on a both PCs now i see that one pc is going to sync 95,7Gb to another, what is almost all the size of folder, but if i add a file it's sync very well. I don't want to delete other syncing shares (which is ok) so the log can contain not needed strings and it's size about 11 Mb, do you still need it ? Thank you P.S. I remove the folders from application (one by one) and add it again, and after indexing it's going to sync almost all folder, when exactly application don't do it! It's just telling me that it gong to do it. And, i repeat, if i add some file to a folder - it's syncing very well. P.P.S. Both of my PCs is in a LAN, maybe that will be important.