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  1. Is this a feature or a bug? Why is it not possible to have both 'shared_folder' and 'webui' enabled together? I can think of at least 1 use case where I would like to have both. Let said I want some of my machines have a predefined key to sync down all of the files, and maybe some guys can login to the webui and check the content once a while, and maybe write a little script to use the Btsync API from the web endpoint?
  2. Thanks, just requested the API key. But I didn't see an obvious API call to get that information, or may I missing anything? The closest I found is this: GET FOLDER PEERSReturns list of peers connected to the specified folder. By the way, this is needed to make API call to the each btsync client's web ui right?
  3. hello, I'm using btsync to manage a pool of distributed computing node and for deployment on artifacts. I know I can triggered `btsync-core` to start the syncing session, but is there a way to know whether my folder has been 100% downloaded/sync'd? I was looking for something like this:
  4. I'm trying to webui and shared_folder in my conf file and I can never get the webui working. I have been digging around and I have heard that both webui and shared_folder section cannot be existed together in the same config file, why is that?
  5. I think we should at least implement with an IP range. I can't expect hardcoding all static IPs. By the way, I use `tcpdump` to sniff it and found that the default port is 44444, which my "btsync mac" version is probably not listening to that. Can we make this better in the next release? :-)
  6. Under "known_hosts", can you put the range of the IP? Like ?
  7. so you mean having all ~200 VM map to a dns hostname? sorry, new to the IT/network side of the thing. :-)
  8. Can the static hostnames be in a range? I have about ~200 VM instances and they could have different IP and I will not know in advance.
  9. Hello all, I'm testing out BT Sync in a corporate environment for efficiently transfer files across different DC. I found that untick "use_relay_server" and "use_tracker" doesn't work even for our VLAN setup. Is it possible to setup our own tracker and relay server? If yes, how do we do that? We choose BT Sync because we believe it's truly private, but it seems that we still need to connect with upstream tracker and relay server to get this working.