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  1. Edit: updated to latest 1.4 version today, two Windows 7 PCs started to sync right after update but the windows 8 laptop still has "not responding" when startin Sync and has 100% diskutilization after starting Sync... Edit: Actually it works now! Didn't do anything but it's finally working! My issues are gone, at least for the moment. Indexing works fine too and the transferspeeds are good.
  2. I've found out that the problem is the harddrive use is going to 100% as soon as I start BSync. Could it be a problem with indexing?
  3. Yes, sorry: and scroll to the bottom. I've just tried .106 and .94, have the same problems on both versions but only on my windows8 laptop...
  4. Exactly same problem at my end, on 2 PCs Go to : > and look at the bottom of the page. I'm gonna try .106 lar today to see if I have the same problem.
  5. [2014-08-24 04:11:03] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file
  6. I have a problem that started since I upgraded to .109 on a laptop computer. Been at work 14days and not syncing with my PC at home. While starting the laptop on the same LAN (no issues before I got home) renders Sync on the laptop to "not responding" after a few seconds after start. On the PC I can see that the speed the data is syncing in 1.2kb/s. This worked before I left for work on the previous version. The log generates a LOT of data in 5min and I cannot turn on debug on laptop and reinstall Sync does not work. Is there anywhere to send the files directly to someone? /Mattias
  7. Freaking good application! Well done. For the wishlist: * Remember the settings when upgrading to a new version (install dir, no shortcuts, startup etc.) * Autoupdate or at least have the application to check after a new version (I know it's coming =D) * Ability to pause folders being synced and not just only devices * Icon that show if syncs are paused or not, i left mine paused for 2days and forgot * "mouseover" info popups in settings tab with a short explanation of what the settings do Keep up the good work!