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  1. Some sort of topology management... as in one-way sync with no deletions on recipients, hub-and-spoke style. I'd like to make my computer a server, and any clients... clients can't delete on server but themselves, deleted on the computer doesn't mean deleted on the clients. Basically, well, flexible torrents.
  2. I'm doing some testing now from a Windows machine to an Android device, and an iOS device. We'll see what happens. Interestingly, there is a "backup" option on the mobile devices, but not on the computer. In essence, I bet "backup" is what I'd want, but from the computer to other devices. [edit] Of course: Deleted on PC with all read-only clients = deleted on clients. It is sync. So, now to figure out how to make a feature request.
  3. Thanks daishi4u. I'm not sure this would work, although it might be the wording I used to describe what I'm looking to do: If a client recieves a file, will they keep in indefinitely even if it's removed from the source? Google Drive's daemons don't work like this and I started this thread to verify this, or understand how to config sync like this. What I would want is: 1) all clients to get all new files in a directory on a single source. 2) all clients to be able to keep all files that were in this directory indefinitely. #2 is solvable using read-only key if deleted on client, but what about on the source? What happens at the client? Does this file "disappear" because the synced folder no longer contains it (again this is how the Google Drive daemons work)? Thanks! Matt
  4. Hello, I am curious if there is a way to handle topology configuration of clients. As in a hub and spoke style config. For instance, I'd like to have my computer push files out to my tablet and my phone. But I'd like to then delete the files off my computer (i'll probably do this automatically). If not by topology config, how is this possible? Thanks, Matt