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  1. - configure a folder by folder pause/resume action - even better if this is doable for subfolders - and for a file by file setup or maybe have a manual mode so I can set some files to be synced when I am done editing them (e.g. a photoshop file that I am saving regularly during the day that I want to share at the end of the day) so... pretty much like some kinds of p2p version control system
  2. thank you. well, I think we'll go on the way we currently do with version control (over git) on an asset dedicated repository for files that are not too big (or not binaries... Some publishers are maybe smarter than others ) and some kind of clever use of different tools (including external harddrives ) for the other files I am posting this to the wishlist, hoping that it can be included in future versions. But maybe the purpose of btsync is not really for that kind of use; I mean file sharing for software/game developers
  3. hey guys, I am currently thinking to use bt sync on our studio. We make video games an we often work with big binary files, such as PSD files and we of course don't put these files under version control (we use git) like the code files. Most of the team is on mac. While we work, we often save. Really often ! And, I don't want to sync a 500 Mb file each time. Do you think there is a good way to do that ? I can see that we can pause the sync. But it's not exactly what I want : this will stop the sync for all the folders, while I might only want to stop it for one, or even 1 file ! Do you think a feature allowing to pause sync on a file by file basis, or at least a folder by folder basis (1 folder = a project) would be feasible? Thanks