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  1. After downgrading to 1.1.69 and recreating the shares I have found that everything works again, there is definately some form of regression in the code...
  2. Honestly the bigger issue for me is the lack of file delection detection and syncing, it means my directory trees quickly become out of sync as old files stay around...
  3. The issues are still occurring on 1.2.82. I have yet to recieve a reply on my email ticket and am really stumped at this issue, are there any good alternatives I can use? Tried this, the issues still occurred for me unfortunately. Trying 1.1.69 next...
  4. I received an update to Sync a while back, version 1.2.82, does anyone know if this resolves the issue?
  5. I have tested with files outside of the symlinked folders and the issue persists there too unfortunately. Also on your tip about using multiple folders: While I could do this I believe the symlinks issue is a real one and as I have upwards of 10 folders symlinked it would be quite a task to switch my entire filesystem layout on multiple devices just to satisfy one program. Also, I use symlinks for many other purposes and there isn't really a good replacement for some of my uses.
  6. Hello,First of all, let me thank you for BitTorrent Sync, it is an excellent, clean application that (aside from my recent issues) does everything perfectly. Seriously, I've been waiting years for an application like this! My issues are as follows:Recently I've been noticing that btsync seems to be slow at detecting filesystem changes. Adding a file usually requires that the filesystem scan runs through before the UI will reflect the change and start syncing.When deleting files or folders the change is reflected locally but does not propagate across to my other sync client. This means that my files often become messy as I use my desktop only once a week.Steps taken to reproduce the problem: Creating a new file fairly deep in the directory tree ("D:\Backups\Devices\Desire HD\ClockworkMOD\Download\Google Applications 4.3 (BaNks Face Unlock).zip").Waiting for sync to occur (this took 5 minutes as my disk scan time is set to 300).Once sync has occurred, deleting the new file off the other PC.The file does not get deleted off the original origin PC, in fact, the UI on both PCs don't even register the deletion, even after time has passed or the clients are restarted.My setup is as follows: 1 Desktop running Windows 8 64 bit.1 Laptop running Windows 8 64 bit.Both PCs have a virtually identical setup and run the same applications.I have a single sync folder on both PCs at "D:\Sync\BitTorrent Sync" that contains symlinks to all the folders I want to sync. Overall the folder contains ~450 GB of data and maybe 200,000 files.The settings are at default values with the relay server unticked.Steps I've taken: Tested on LAN and Wireless.Completely uninstalled and reinstalled BitTorrent Sync.Completely removed and readded the sync folder (which took around 14 hours to finish!).Changed directory scan interval and SyncArchive settings, both to no effect (I would like to turn SyncArchive off but it isn't clear if this disables deletions).Ensured that the sync keys are properly entered and not read only Honestly at this point I'm at a loss, I can live with this if the issue is unsolvable but I would really love it if there was some form of solution. Thank you so much for your time, Max. EDIT: Just a note: This is a copy of the email I've sent (which included a log file), I posted it here so that others can potentially help and above all, once a solution is (hopefully!) found, I can post it