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  1. this problem is fixed in newest version. Update will be available on appstore this week.
  2. is it a read-only folder ? if it is a read only folder - you will see deleted files it is works that way
  3. You are not able to delete files from desktop client using mobile app. Android/iOS app it is something like remote Bittorrent Sync client because of some limitations of mobile device (small amount of memory, slower internet and so on).
  4. If you still have the issue reproduce it and go to settings->send feedback and attach logs. We will fix that in next update.
  5. Actually it is pretty easy to remove folder from iOS app. Swipe to the right and press delete - like you usually do in iOS apps )
  6. The same problem might occur with files. It will be fixed in next version. Thanks for feedback )
  7. If you still have logs - send it to us. You are able to remove downloaded files by swapping left in files list )
  8. Ok. We are checking your issue with .part files at the moment. It will be fixed in next version. Second issue seems strange. We are using default video player for iOS. Can you attach a screenshot ?
  9. Thanks for your feedback. As long as "Automatic Sync" switch is off in folder preferences (small cogwheel in folders list will open folder prefs) iOS app won't download anything from your Mac. There was a similar problem when you upgrade from 1.1.xx versions to 1.2.xx versions. Is this your case ? If it's not please provide more info. it will help us tremendously.
  10. This crash fixed in newest available version 1.2.36
  11. Thanks for reporting and for cool video =) Bug that does not allow to open some files on iPad fixed in our newest version 1.2.36. If you will have same problem with folder that disappears from list, please go to Settings (on iPad it is small cogwheel in upper left corner)->Send Feedback describe your issue and send it to us. It will help a lot. It is fixed in newest version 1.2.36 Big problem with first gen iPad's that they don't have camera. So we locked the possibility to scan QR code for this devices.