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  1. As cool as the send/receive file feature is, I'd really like to be able to send/receive a folder. You can make multiple file selections, but I haven't seen a way to send a whole folder.
  2. I would like to see a QR code "pass through" feature that sends a file/folder to a different device than my phone. If someone wants to share something, they put up a pic of a QR code, and I'll pick that up with my phone, but instead of it downloading to my phone, it goes to a different spot, like my notebook. Let me explain with an example. I like to help people in online forums with their Excel problems. Sometimes, the best way to show a solution or try to understand where they're at is to actually have a look at an Excel file. To do this currently, I'll upload my file to Google drive, copy the link, and post the link to the forum. The other person will click the link and download the file. Pretty easy. But, what I'd like to do with the Sync app is post a QR code to the forum as an image. The other person then whips out their phone and scans it so as to send it to their notebook. I'm never going to look at an Excel file on my phone, but the phone is very useful to facilitate getting that file going to a different location. Just about everything for this feature is already in place, but the desktop app doesn't make QR codes, does it? How cool would it be to have a right-click option in Explorer for "Make QR?" If the file is called "My Vacation.mp4," it would create "My Vacation--QR.png" or something like that in the same folder.