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  1. I'm having the exact same problem as OP + multiple others across the forum. It appears the bug is not being looked into as it has been around for many months and versions. I sincerly love BTsync and would like to trust it with all my data, but I'm cautious after experiencing this bug.. I know for certain that the issue is not Android related, as it can easily be reproduced without having the folder synced to the Android device. I have 6 machines in my setup; 3 linux machines with version 1.2.73 - these are always on. 2 of them have encrypted (read only) secrets, 1 machine has read/write secret 1 windows machine with version 1.2.73 - almost always on. This machine has encrypted (read only) secret. 2 windows machines with version 1.2.73. These are my work and home computers and are turned on and off several times a day. Both have read/write secret. How to reproduce; 1 Win machine with r/w secret (my work computer - computer A) edits a file, in this case my Keepass-file. The previous edit of the file was 4 days ago. All machines except 1 Win with r/w secret (my home computer - computer B ) is online and the file is synced to the other 4 online nodes. Computer A is turned off and after 2 hours in traffic I'm home and turn on computer B. I expect the newly edited file to be downloaded from the 4 online nodes, but instead, Computer B uploads its local file that was last edited 4 days ago, and replaces the new file on the 4 nodes with its 4 days old file. Which log-files (from which nodes?) and what further details are needed for the devs to look further into this? Thank you.