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  1. The auto-updater had a much longer changelog, and IIRC it stated that the bug with extended file attributes on Macs was fixed. Is this the case? I just tried to remove "com.apple.FinderInfo" and "com.apple.ResourceFork" from my .SyncIgnore file, but those files still aren't properly synced between my Mac (1.3.94) and my rPI (1.3.93 Debian package). Am I missing something? Thank you.
  2. I'm also running without the web ui (an unnecessary security risk IMO) and have thus answered "no" when asked by the installer to create a default config file. Instead I have custom config files in /etc/btsync. This seems to be working great, updating via apt-get stops and restarts my instances, all good. AFAIK my config files have the default options, but the shared folders are listed explicitly in the config files. Ok I wasn't aware of this, and I'm not sure I understand it. What is the correct behavior when I e.g. add new shared folders, or change a configuration option in my config files?
  3. The Mac client still doesn't properly check for updates, insists that "BitTorrent Sync 1.3.67 is currently the newest version available." Thank goodness my linux servers let me know there is a new version when they inform me the Debian package was updated
  4. Thanks, I added to .SyncIgnore and the folders are in sync again.
  5. I'm having the exact same issue. Syncs with other Macs are ok, but the same folders synced to Linux servers (arm and i386) display an endless list of files named "com.apple.FinderInfo" and "com.apple.ResourceFork" that apparently are not synced.
  6. Yes, had the exact same issue: a folder was added on a remote client and wouldn't get added on my local. BTS reported the folder to be in sync, and doing an "ls" in the terminal showed the missing folder was there, but Finder simply wouldn't display it.
  7. I have exactly the same issue: the two Raspberry Pis are constantly reporting as being out of sync with the two macs they share folders with. All clients are running the latest build.