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  1. After the very useful information which guided me to what I needed yesterday during my installation I am pleased to say that I am now fully up and running. I do however have a slight concern and I'm hoping that somebody may be able to help me with this. Just to clarify – I have installed the software on one office PC (Windows), one office Mac, one Windows 2012 server and one Debian LINUX server. Most of my files were on the Windows server and both servers have a very powerful Internet connection (one gig). As you would expect the files synced from the Windows server to the LINUX server very qu
  2. I got a little confused but found this and wahooo it works! http://linuxaria.com/recensioni/bittorrent-sync-automatically-sync-files-on-your-linux
  3. Thanks for the reply. Had a look and crikey that looks complicated!!! Is there anyone out there who can set this up for me? Lol
  4. Hi, I've recently come across bit torrent sync and I am really excited. I've been using dropbox but have outgrown it now with almost 1 TB of storage and other cloud synchronisation services are really expensive. I have installed it on my desktop PC and on Windows 2012 server and its working absolutely fine. I also have another server which is used to broadcast online radio which is a very powerful and secure server with a raid hard drive for backup and so I want to install it onto this Linux platform. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Linux but with the GUI interface I