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  1. It's not unreasonable to be syncing more than that in a simple, home use, non-professional setting. For instance, I use it to keep game saves/settings/profiles in-sync/backed up. With some games needing multiple different folders synced, its easy to exceed 10 syncs on this alone. Adding backup syncs for documents/videos/music/pictures folders for a few different users and you're well over 10. In this scenario, the benefits of a Pro subscription aren't needed, apart from this seemingly arbitary sync-folder limit. Also, staying with 1.4.110 isn't an option, due to a bug (fixed in 2.0), that w
  2. I found that if the clocks are out of sync on two peers by more than 25s then a new file saved to the slower machine will get truncated to 0bytes. Perhaps you could check their clocks to rule that out?
  3. I've emailed logs of If it is the same problem I'm having, then I've sent logs of it occuring to - request #18530. Just saving a file in Paint to a synced folder seems to be enough to trigger it for me. The file is truncated to 0 bytes, the last modified timestamp is removed, and the in-tact file is moved to .sync/Archive.
  4. Is the corrupted file 0 bytes? If so, then it might be the same problem I'm having. For instance, saving an open PDF file in Firefox to a syned folder (right click - save as). The file saves allright, but is then turned into a 0 byte file by BTSync. The original, in-tact file is moved to the .sync/Archive folder. I've sent in logs of it occuring to the support email (#18530).
  5. I too have noticed files being zero byted. Was saving files in Paint Shop Pro just then, and they save fine. Then a few seconds later they turn into 0 byte files. To expand on this, it doesn't seem to effect RO shares, only RW ones. *edit* Have just sent debug log files of it occuring to
  6. I'm having no luck with restarting, The only thing that seems to (temporarily) fix it is to manually delete the file on the receiving machine. Though it just happens again the next time the file is updated.
  7. I'm having this problem too. I didn't notice it occuring before installing 1.2.73, though am unsure when it first began. Deleting the file on the machine recieving the updated file seems to fix it, however it just happens again the next time the file is updated. Here's some pruned stuff from syng.log that may be relevant. There seems to be three copies of the file its having problems with in the same folder, in this case: Default.rdp, Deault.rdp.SyncOld, Default.rdp.SyncTemp. [2013-11-23 08:24:21.218] [SyncFolderNotify] Processing fs event[2013-11-23 08:24:21.218] [SyncFolderNotify] Event: FA_