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  1. hmmm weird. it runs as me and I'm admin on the machine. Here's what the folders look like drwxrwxrwx 9 johnwilker admin 306 Jan 21 08:52 BTSync drwxrwxrwx 2 johnwilker admin 68 Jan 21 08:44 iPhonedrwxrwxrwx 2 johnwilker admin 68 Jan 21 08:52 iPhone Backup I'm trying to use either iPhone or iPhone Backup for the camera backup. Both seem to be owned by me, fully read write. What's interesting that this folderdrwxr-xr-- 3 johnwilker admin 102 Jan 22 08:45 Torrents Works fine. I created it when i first installed the app and shared it to another machine and everything wa
  2. Gah weird it doesn't like that image. Yeah I get an error about not having enough permissions to edit part of a red only folder or some such. However I'm admin on the machine, and have even set the root BTsync folder to be completely read/write for all levels, to no avail
  3. AH ok, i totally missed that! On the plus side that error is gone, now i get the attached. I've made several folders all get the same error.
  4. Is anyone else still experiencing this? Just tried again today to enable photo backup, the photos say their syncing but when i paste the secret into the mac app, i get the "can't open destination" error. Not sure where the photos are going.
  5. hey all, just encountered this when doing the photo back up option. The iOS app says it's uploading the photos, but when I try to use the secret it generated on my mac, i get the "can't open destination" error. I had a similar issue mac to mac, and found that creating a folder of the same name triggered the syncing. Not sure what folder name the iOS camera backups want to be in, and more to the point, not sure where they're going right now. Any thoughts?