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  1. Thanks, I found the place where you can insert link. Not use to it since, you use to do it where the folder is and hit update key. It got moved to the gear icon. Thanks
  2. Okay, so back to my original post. How do I get the key, or use the link on a linux NAS host?
  3. doesnt work. the link has I'm pretty sure I need to delete parts of that link to get the right key. Its not documented anywhere which parts are not needed.
  4. How do I get a key from the backup feature of the Android app. I actually need the key and not a link. Since the link launches the sync program on my computer. I need to grab the actual key, so I can update the key on a linux NAS host. Thanks,
  5. Is there a way to change the secret on Linux without removing the folders?
  6. Computer 1 has file locked Computer 2 deletes file after awhile computer 1 will sync the file to Computer 2