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  1. I have a project where I could really use the BT Sync API. The requirement is to regularly distribute a continuously updating file a few megabytes in size to millions of clients. This can be easily done with a CDN of course, but the BT Sync API would make things a lot more convenient and affordable as the file can change several times an hour. (This isn't some large commercial project, just a hobby.) A simple approach would be to simply create a BT Sync folder, and distribute the my app with the read-only key. However, for this to work I'd need to know the following: - API key. What exactly are the policies that developers need to adhere to in order to be able to keep using the API? - Limit on the number of clients syncing a folder. Is there such a limit? If so, what is it? I'd need this number to be in the millions. - Android version. Is there a plan for enabling the API on Android? iOS would be nice but my main platforms are Windows, Mac and Android. Everything else is very far behind. - Redistributing Sync with my app. If I understand things correctly my users need to have a copy of Sync on their devices in order for the API to be available to my app. What are the rules for this? Can I place my own copy of BT Sync into my app folders so it doesn't interfere with whatever the user may or may not want to do with Sync on their own? (Install, uninstall, etc.) - Web UI. Is this necessary? Can it be disabled? I see the Sync API in my case as something completely under the hood, not something anyone would ever need to interact with. Thanks in advance.