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  1. The Android client uses a database stored on the system partition. (That is, not on the SD Card.) I have ~3300 files synced, resulting in a >25MB database. Mobile devices are often limited in the space available on the system partition. Can this database be moved to the SD card in future releases? My phone is a bit older, but 25MB is about 1/4 of the total available space on that partition. Newer phones are probably affected too. This giant database on the system partition makes btsync a much less attractive sync option. Installing the app to SD doesn't make much difference if a giant honkin database is going to be stored on the system partition. I just don't have the space in the right place, ya dig?
  2. Ah, I understand. Thanks for taking the time to answer, Harold.
  3. OK... well, in my case it's 537 files that hardly ever change. An then 2800 files that change quite frequently. (a little project i'm working on.) So say 3300 files for a total of 25 MB means that each checksum is ~8,000 bytes? Is that right? That seems awfully large. Does the database contain historical information as well? That is, checksums for files that used to be there but have been deleted? Edit: And then, I guess my next question would be, is there a way that future versions of the client could keep that database on the SD card instead of on the system partition? I realize that most people don't have 3300 files synced, but ... heck, maybe they do. Music, photos, etc, I could see it. SD storage goes up all the time, but that system partition is still pretty limited on most devices. That's a lotta space to be eating up.
  4. I have the Android app installed to the SD card. After about a week of use I start getting "low space" messages from my phone. It looks like btsync is using 25MB of data. (The app itself is about 4MB, but it's got a 25MB database.) I'm not talking about the files I have synced here - I have 3 GB of stuff synced to the SD card. I'm saying that it's using 25MB of "data," like database data. Not on the SD card. Stored on the system partition. I backed up my settings via the app, then used the "clear application data" functionality in Android. 25MB of data gone. Yay! But so are my shares. No worry, that's why I exported the settings. I import my backed up settings and ..... omg the full 25MB is back. Why does this app need a 25MB database? I'm guessing that it's keeping some ridiculously sized log, is that right? Could ya make it stop doing that? I'm excited about btsync, but it's just not usable if it requires such a large database. Remember, the database here is on the system partition, not the SD card. As far as I can see, the only workaround is to delete all of my shares every few days, clear the application data, then manually recreate all of the shares, since the "import" functionality imports all the junk I was trying to get rid of in the first place.