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  1. The scenario is... I use Panic's Coda application for web development on several MAC computers. I create a FTP site in work. When I am home this is not created, I need to create it again. So I use Bittorrent Sync to sync Coda's "Sites" folder. Works great! BUT... Coda also uses another file to save site settings too, and this file is in a general MAC folder with loads of other files I do not need to sync, which could break other apps if I do sync them all. So I need to just sync this one file. At the moment I wrote a script to rsync the file into Bittorrent Sync, and rsync it back out
  2. OK thanks. It seems maybe I'm wrong with an endless loop theory, instead maybe just a status issue in the app. For example, I know my machine has synced with my server, but my machine still says UP 1.9Gb. This has not changed. But looking at the files, they are in sync. So maybe its just the app not showing correct status. I just looked on all my computers (Macs and Windows) and they ALL state UP 1.9Gb to my office server. The office server is running Centos 6.3. So therefore do you think the issue is with Linux not reporting its synced with the other machines? Thanks
  3. Is it possible to be stuck in some sort of endless sync loop when several machines all connect? I have 4 machines connecting (iMac, Macbook Pro, Computer 2 (Windows) and my server (Linux box). My iMac states 1.5Gb UP to my server, and 5.8Mb DOWN from computer 2, and synced with my Macbook Pro My Macbook pro states 1.1Gb UP to my server, and 5.8Mb DOWN computer 2, and synced with my iMac Computer 2 states 1.5Gb UP to my server, 5.8Mb UP to my iMac, and 5.8Mb UP to Macbooc Pro Its been stuck like this for ages, they should have all synced by now. All on the same LAN. My Macbook and Macbook P
  4. Oh something else too... when I look at my uploads I am uploading to several computers. Does that mean I am uploading several times the files/bandwidth? Because Ideally I want to upload once. Hence the concept of a central server, I am concerned I am uploading the same files to several machines.
  5. I'm coming from Dropbox, which syncs with a central server. I have a few people all syncing. I understand the concept of syncing with a central server. Now we use Bittorrent, I setup a folder on our office server, then we all added the secret key. We are all now downloading from each other at the same time. So I get that now its Bittorrent. But my question is, I dont suppose there is any issue still using the server is there? The thing is, lets say two of use never have our computers on we still want to sync, so will sync with the server which is always on. If we always had computers on t