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  1. Thanks @JimmyTheSaint for also pointing out something I forgot to mention. The error occurs on the machines where the files were not edited\updated so on a peer to the original edit. Because there is a network layer (System independent) between the original edit\update and the instance of the problem I would deduce from that, that the problem is likely to be operating system independent. Which isn't new information really, We have learnt that from shared experience listed above. What is new for me is the fact that my MS2008R2 server running this is not having a problem. which leads me to conclude the issue is related to the files being accessed by the receiving machine (Being cached for search accelerators or uploaded to SkyDrive or even just being interrogated by the system file browsed to cache thumbnails.) at the moment sync wants to delete and replace the file. <Rambling> I have encounter a very similar issue when attempting to delete a image from a photo album folder downloaded from my camera. I say delete and windows explorer says it can't because it is in use elsewhere, and I know that should not be true. I did some investigation and discovered windows explorer had the file open in a second thread while it generated thumb nail images for the whole open folder. </Rambling>
  2. All the files affect on my system are <4mb after reading @GreatMarko 's FAQ on sync it seems that files smaller than 4mb are handled differently so I though I would see if that could also be a factor for narrowing down the issue. Can any one confirm that?
  3. I may be able to help with the pattern detection because I have this issue with sixty four files, and I fixed this issue last week when I had seventy of them. This gives me a wide spread to analyse. For me the files are all files that are loaded into memory by the editor and then when saved the old file is overwritten by the new. An overwrite. These files were not held open by their editor while being edited. My guess is that sync is getting confused when a file is overwritten with an identical file (Or at least one very similar)
  4. I would like to suggest to small features\improvements, 1) Regional settings - For me in Australia our date format is dd/MM/yyyy BitTorrent Sync should detect this from my region settings and display dates and times appropriately in the logs. As it is now it only displays dates as MM/dd/yyyy 2) Percentage and\or progress bar for larger downloads\Uploads (Cooler it we could get the colour coded chunk display, though not useful for people with only one or two computers linked.) 3) Run as a service - For those of us who want to install a copy on a central repository "Our own, not quite cloud, solution." This would be handy, there are ways of doing this now. But they need to be converted back to a normal start up in order to add or remove folders. (Running as a service this way makes the interface no longer assessable.)