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  1. Hello, Hallo, Bonjour, Ciao, Hola, Привет всем! We localise Sync to 14 different languages. The sad truth is, even the best localisers don't have intimate knowledge of the product, so sometimes the translation sounds weird and certainly not native. Sync team is not multilingual enough to fix all of such things That's why we could use your help. Let us know when you see a bad translation, and we will fix it. Also, definitely contact us if you are willing to help with translation in future. This will be super helpful! Thanks, Your Sync Team. Fun Fact: People use Sync in 216 world geolocations, from the US and Russia to Vatican city and Samoa.
  2. We do have the option to add more adjustable columns to BTSync planned for one of the next releases. This is true. Your suggestions are valuable, especially when describing real life use cases (so that we can fine-tune the UI). Thanks.