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  1. Agreed, this is an excellent suggestion, although perhaps too geeky to be overtly user-facing.
  2. Ahah! I could have sworn I'd checked that I was on the latest version on each of my machines, so I just checked again to check my sanity... On one Mac, clicking check for updates opens a dialog saying that 1.1.82 is 'currently the newest version available' when it clearly is not. Presumably this is a known bug?! I haven't checked. Anyway, that may be the cause of some issues... Updating to 1.2.73, I'm noticing that a very odd problem still has not gone away. Two of my machines appear to have an identity crisis. They are both Macbooks, and have some sporadic syncing problems. Interestingly, if I changed the name of one machine in the BTS prefs pane, it also changes the name of the other machine. The names are similar, but different (by one alpha character). No doubt this is the wrong place to bring this up... I have reported in-app also, but suspect I have not provided enough information. The two machines are on the same public IP but NATed behind a standard router from my ISP. UPnP port mapping is enabled on both devices.
  3. I would like to be able to sync my iTunes library in one direction. This is not merely a file locking issue. The issue is that even when iTunes is closed on both machines, BTSync is a afraid of downloading the updated library from the remote machine because the local library has been updated with local playcounts etc. In developer speak, I want to be able to do the equivalent of git fetch without merging local changes. A checkbox for 'ignore local changes' on read-only sync folders would be very useful.
  4. I've never seen this setting anywhere in version 1.1.82 (Mac). Where is it? I'm trying to do a one way (read only) iTunes library sync, and BTSync will pull the music down, but not the updated library files. BTSync sees the recently modified local file and then appears to refuse to pull down the updated library. It's a real pity this doesn't work. I'm sure there are loads of people who want to sync their music libraries.