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  1. Hi there, I have what I think is a pretty common use case: I'd like to use Sync to automatically xfer screenshots I take on Android to my desktop. The config is working, in that the screenshots do get to the computer (so secrets are set up right, folder paths are correct). However, when I take a new screenshot, it just doesn't sync. The device appears as connected, but... nothing happens. It looks like the change just isn't detected in the Android Sync app, even though there is a new file in the folder it is supposed to be watching. This is not after the "sleep period" - it's a screenshot I made maybe 3 minutes after the initial transfer of all existing files from that folder was completed. And i checked with a file manager and can confirm that there is indeed a new screesnhot in the folder. Any tips or ideas on how to debug this? Basically I just need it to work reliably - every time I take a screenshot on the phone, it should pop up in my computer instantly (same LAN so should be fast). Thank you for any help!