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  1. Hi feanorknd, Thanks for your input, but unfortunately I've abandoned BitTorrent Sync for many reasons, one being lack of support. I've had 2 big issues which were never resolved so I couldn't go further with it. Regards, David
  2. Well in my case the file is deleted from the device where it was added, and reappears anyway.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue. I'm syncing a folder between a Windows 2003 server and a Synology NAS. If a file is deleted on the server, it re-appears instead of being deleted from the NAS. Could someone help me on this ? It is the second issue that could prevent me from using btsync and it's getting frustrating at this point. Regards, David
  4. Hi Stephan, In my case, both are default ext4 filesystems created on 2 synology NAS, here're the mount options (data to be synced is located on /dev/mapper/vol1-origin) : RackStation> mount/dev/root on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,barrier=0,journal_checksum,data=ordered)/tmp on /tmp type tmpfs (0)none on /dev/pts type devpts (gid=4,mode=620)/sys on /sys type sysfs (0)/proc/bus/usb on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (0)/dev/mapper/vol1-origin on /volume1 type ext4 (usrjquota=aquota.user,grpjquota=aquota.group,jqfmt=vfsv0,synoacl)Regards, David
  5. Hi, The issue isn't fixed yet, I just can't use btsync... I've e-mailed sync@bittorrent.com but haven't got any reply. Regards, David
  6. Hi, Btsync has been running for days now, and is still indexing. My logs are full of "file updated" statements, but I know these files aren't modified. I can see such statements occuring for the same file over and over again : RackStation> cat sync.log | grep /volume1/Backup_Data/ApplicationsInternes/fileabcd.ext[20131204 00:01:46.675] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/ApplicationsInternes/fileabcd.ext 1266236920 516[20131204 00:11:45.409] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/ApplicationsInternes/fileabcd.ext 12662
  7. Ok it's been running for about 20 hours, the web interface still says it's indexing. Here's an extract from the logs (I'm obfuscating file names) : [20131203 11:09:59.959] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/Administratif/aaaa[20131203 11:09:59.959] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/Administratif/bbbb[20131203 11:09:59.960] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/Administratif/cccc[20131203 11:09:59.961] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/Backup_Data/Administ
  8. Hi, I had the debug option turned on and my log file grew up to 3Gb... I've cleared it and started over. Do you want the logs with the debug option on or off ? In the meantime, here's the content of my newly created log file right after I start btsync : [20131202 15:12:45.440] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152[20131202 15:12:45.442] Using IP address[20131202 15:12:45.444] test sha1: AE5BD8EFEA5322C4D9986D06680A781392F9A642[20131202 15:12:45.444] test sha2: 630DCD2966C4336691125448BBB25B4FF412A49C732DB2C8ABC1B8581BD710DD[20131202 15:12:45.444] test aes: 0A940BB541
  9. Hello ! I've been testing btsync for a few days and I was able to sync folders containing a few files/folders succesfully. Btsync seems to be the solution I was waiting for. Now I'm running into a problem : I'm trying to sync a folder containing about 35000 files (about 20Gb) between two synology NAS boxes so I added a folder share on the first one and generated a secret. The btsync web interface tells me this : 21.7 GB in 36915 files (Indexing...) Also, the CPU usage is abnormally high (above 70%) and I'm talking about constant usage, not peak usage. My folder contained originally